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FRIENDS ONLY. I'm sorry about this, but I don't feel like sharing all of my lovely secrets so happily. Okay, not secret but my... personal life. Enjoy all the old posts : D

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When it rains

You know, don't people usually like to stay in when it rains like in shower and it's windy and cold and dark?
Well, I went for a walk today with our big, black, lovely dog and actually enjoyed it. I was soaking wet when I came home, my hair was dripping water and my hands and face were icy and I actually enjoyed it.
Rain is good. Try it, it relaxes strangely.

Sleep now, I'll update tomorrow and tell a bit more about my week.

(2 weeks and 1 day to go 'till seeing my giiirls♥)
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(no subject)

Umm, yeah.

I'm tired as hell, and it seems like there's not enough hours so I could do all I need to and get some sleep also. I'm so tired, really, I'm sleeping the next weekend through.

I've had quite good last few days actually. I've laughed and all the people have been very nice to me. I'm missing my girls like a crazy, only 2 weeks and 2 days to go! ♥ Love you all. I'm so excited meeting them all again, going to be the best birthday party ever :) PARTY PARTY ALL NIGHT YOU KNOW!

I've been riding quite often lately, I've spend a lot of time with my horse lately. It's great you know, only one here who's not asking stupid, annoying questions all the time and just... ANNOYING ME! My mum, my brothers, my dad, my relatives... My love life isn't their business. I enjoy my time very well without your questions.

And Elliot Minor - I don't really like the fact your not gonna play here 15th December. I REALLY DON'T.

winner takes it all


McFLY's Winner  takes it all -cover OWNS MY HEART. Omg that's so beautiful oh my.
Took my heart.

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(no subject)

Oh my, I have to admit. I have no other life than LJ.
Well, this is short.

I did not see any dreams last night, I didn't wake up a single time. But well, I had a bloody bad headache when I woke up. Layed in the bed for over half and hour listening to McFLY's Corrupted and Point of view. Ah, I have enjoyed their music lately so much.
And now for last two hours I've been listening to Everybody knows, One for the radio and Lies. Especially Lies is making me feel so good, it's almost sick. It makes me feel so... Strong. Yeah, I know, it probably sounds just very wierd and stupid, but I can't help it. It's like somebody would've given me all the pride and power which I have lost during last couple weeks. (Even though it's funny to listen that song, because I occasionally hear the part "Who gets the last, who gets the last, who gets the last laugh now?" as "Who gets the lads, who gets the lads, who get the last lads now?" )
McFLY is really my savior, they are my true love. They totally made my day today, they are quite mind blowing. I can't think anything else when I'm listening to them.

Gah, I should probably go.
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I can feel the storm inside you

You can't believe what happened.

I had dentist yesterday, and it was totally fine until midnight. Few of my tooth started to ache so bad, I couldn't sleep and I had to take quite strong painkillers. I slept three hours, and woke up again; the pain worse than it was earlier, even I had taken those painkillers. I tried to sleep, I tried not to think of the pain, but it was worse all the time, and soon I noticed I had started sweating, and it didn't take long until my whole body was cramping because of that pain. I had to wake up my mum so we could leave to hospital, and I can say I have never cried as much as I did today in the early morning. It was half past 5 when we got there, and they gave me two quite strong painkillers, which made me dizzy and feel a little bit funny... Or well, that's what I thought until my doctor called me into his room! I stood up, walked towards him and when I noticed how fascinating looking he was, I almost collapsed in front of him. DR. CARLISLE CULLEN 2. He was blonde, musculary and smiling, and had dark shadows under his eyes. Yes, I have been reading Twilight lately, but he was really like Dr. Cullen, just maybe a few years older. Can tell you, he made me smile, even I still had some pain there left. I almost fainted on his office's floor. Oops. Yeah, strong two strong painkillers and freaking hot doctor did their job, but he just smiled and told me he would write me a receipt for more strong painkillers and if I would have feaver or the painkillers would not work like we hoped, I should come again or call my dentist to get different kind of medicine. He was like a total angel, my legs are still like jelly : D It was fun though I had like the worst pain ever.

But now I have to get some sleep, I have slept like 3 hours or something like that. I just had to tell you I met Dr. Carlisle Cullen 2!


Really people, fuck alcohol. Don't ever drink like I did yesterday, I should never do that again. Oh fucking shit yesterday was fail.

My friend had his birthday and we went to visit him. It was very fine and nice until they told me to get a glass and take some punch they had made. Well, it was the worse decision I have ever made, oh my god. I was so drunk, it was... Well, quite disgusting, because I started throwing up after 6 glasses. FAIL. Like, totally. In the end of the evening I was sitting on my friends lap and he was stroking my back and watching I was okay. I have never been that bad, it was totally fail and I will not drink any alcohol in ages, and I won't drink it like I did, I had like 4 glasses of punch in one hour. Fucking disaster.
Really, I'm like the most stupid person on the earth. I'll never, ever do that again.

Thank god I will meet Juuso today. It better not be raining in the evening, I wanna watch some football and talk with him.

You're eyes are the size of a moon

For fuck's sake, this day has sucked straight from 0000. I went to bed and when was the last time I watched the clock? 0038.
And when I woke up? 0630, and I still had fucking half an hour for sleeping and I could not sleep! And Now I should leave to school and I have joghurt everywhere. This sucks.
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What a beautiful day

Okay, Jurassic Rock was like the most fun thing this summer.

On friday I mostly hanged out with Juuso and his friends. I had great time with them, they made me laugh and joked a lot. I had very fun and Disco Ensemble did an amazing gig there ! I had hell a lot of fun, dancing and watching DE having fun on the stage. We had fun and my clothes and shoes stayed dry, even though it was raining so much, the whole festival area was just wet grass, mud and water. FUN :-D
In the evening I met two quite awesome guys, who I talked with for a while, but I had to leave so it stayed quite short.

Saturday was like the most awesome day ever. I met those guys again, and stayed in a some kind of paviljon for like 6 hours, just talking. Both of the guys were turning 21 this year; they barely believed that I was only 15, turning to 16 this year, have no idea why. They told me I didn't act like other my age people and I was really a girl who they can talk with. Even the Joonas' girlfriend thought I was older than I am, and I can say I felt quite flattered. After our little conversation we went to see Looptroop Rockers, and all I can say; AMAZING. I was in the second row, dancing and having fun. Juuso was with us, and even it was muddy, it was so fun. Joonas was very kind and carried me over the worst mud, because I didn't have rubberboots. He was surprised :-D "WHAT, YOU LIVE HERE IN THE MIDDLE OF NOTHING AND OWN A HORSE AND YOU DON'T OWN RUBBERBOOTS?! Sweetie, I have to ask this; WHAT THE FUCK?" Then Juuso left to see his friends and I stayed there with Joonas, Panu and Olli and watched Asa&Jätkäjätkät. I had fun again, dancing and singing and talking with them. It was muddy again, but thank god I had my heroes! I really enjoyed watchin Looptroop Rockers and Asa, the music was brilliant, I had the best company, and then there was this one thing which we had been missing through the whole festivals; the sun. I felt so energetic when the sun started shining, I just closed my eyes, let the music go through my head and just let my body move. I enjoyed it so much, really. I loved it. I felt so... alive. Even Joonas put his thumbs up and smiled for me, when I opened my eyes. Oh my, next summer I'll go to more festivals, and more than just one day. That was really brilliant! And Joonas, oh my. He was very nice guy, he asked me to come Helsinki so we could meet up and have a little fun together and talk more and he could introduce me to his friends. I'm happy I met a guy like he. He was really like a big brother for me, and he didn't care about the fact I'm quite young.
In the evening I was spending time with some of my friends and hanging out with Juuso. I even saw a shooting star!
God, yesterday was a total succes.

So, that was my amazing, brilliant Jurassic Rock with awesome guys and good music. Had fun and hope I'll meet some of the guys next year also!

So, that was

I'm a social butterfly

Oh my, it feels like the autumn would be coming.
Autumn's got everything I love. Colours, cold wind and lovely sunsets. I love the way my feet and hands get cold and how I need to put my pullover on and how I have excuses to drink hot chocolate and wear my adorable black jacket. I love when I can by all those thick and warm clothes and crab a coffee from some nice café and go sit in the park. I love how I can order a steaming hot chocolate and go sit in the corner of the café and write some nice fanfiction/story. I love how the autumn makes me feel. I love how the evenings get darker and how the stars start to shine differently. I love the way autumn makes me study harder and buy new books. I love to go for a walk in the forrests with my dog and just walk without any hurry. I love to canter on the sand roads with my horse, when the sand is flying on the fallen leaves and making funny noise which makes my horse jump and buckle. I love how the autumn makes the routine in my days and gives some time for my friends who live far away. I love how autumn makes me smile with sunny, cool days and beautiful nature. I love when autumn makes me like Finland even just a little.

Okay, enough of that... Had a good day today. I spent one hour with my dear boyfriend, just chatting and making jokes. He has a game tomorrow and on thursday and I promised to go watch those games. Hope they'll win !
And I have drank 4 cups of hot chocolate today. Yes, it's only 14 degrees here and it makes me freezing, so I'm drinking hot chocolate. Should maybe change it to tea... :P
Oh yes, I have to tell you; my horse was today so brilliant, I really felt like I can ride, and last time I felt so was like three years ago, yay? : D She was so perfect, I really enjoyed riding today.

.... but I should probably bring the dog out before it's starts, and I have like 15 minutes and I'm still in my riding outfit. OOPS.